1848 - Warwick to Frederick, et al. - Amherst Co, VA

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1848 - Warwick to Frederick, et al. - Amherst Co, VA

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In the name of God, amen. I John Warwick of the County of Amherst, being in feeble health but of sound mind and disposing memory, do make, publish and declare this my last true will and testament in manner and form following, hereby revoking and making null any and all wills by me heretofore made.

1. The future conditions of my Slaves has long been a subject of anxious concern with me, and it is my deliberate intention wish and desire that the whole of them be manumitted and set free as soon after my demise as the growing crops shall be saved and the annual hares terminated not later than the end of the year of my death To be removed as so many of them as I do not manumit and Send to a free State during my life; with the exception herein after named as to & settled on one or more of the free States of that Union under the care and direction of my Executors I herein after appointed Indianna is my choice.

2. To carry out the above request next after the payment of any debts I may acquire over my funeral expenses and the charges of administration of my estate, I hereby declare that it is my wish and intention that my Slaves shall be emancipated, have the whole of my estate, now in being or hereafter to be acquired, whether real, personal, mixed or chosen in action for the purpose of creating a suitable fund in the hands of my Executors for their comfortable, out fit, traveling expenses & Settlement in their new homes with Such provisions for their comfort Sustenance Support [illegible] as the fund will provide with the exceptions following to wit.

3. I wish my faithful and confidential servant Frederick and his wife Lucy and their eight children also my cook Niecy and her three youngest children as well as any others hereafter born in either family to remain upon that part of my plantation now occupied by the said Frederick and his family during the natural life of the said Frederick Should they not in the meantime elect to remove and become absolutely free and I hereby set apart to their use, in the hands of my Executors the houses the said two families now occupy and the other houses there to appurtenant with all that part of my land adjacent to the said houses known as the house field to the new fence near Lemuel Turner’s land & with the said fence dividing the said housefield from the remainder of my land which be East and Southeast of it to the Glade Road and with the said road as it meanders to Lewis S. Campbells lines and with the said Campbells lines embracing all the lands owned by me in the said boundary supposed to contain two hundred acres be the same more or less together with necessary stock, provision and outfit to cultivate the same under the kind management of my Executors who I trust will treat these two families more as friends than as slaves. Frederick being very infirm and his family a helpful one I expect the little farm and outfit will be a bar support for these families and in addition thereto I set apart in the hands of my Executors a monie [sic] fund of one thousand dollars to be put to interest upon mortgage Security on lands or invested in State Stocks, the interest whereof to constitute a fund for the better support during the life of Frederick and after his death if they should choose to remove before the said fund with any unexpended profits is to be applied their ultimate removal and settlement in a free State, which is in no event to be postponed longer than the death of Frederick, and the balance of the said fund not expended in their removal is to be invested for their benefit in a joint settlement between the two families. I also desire my Executors to pay to Frederick annually out of the proceeds of the fund of one thousand dollars above described the sum of thirty dollars during his life not as a part of the support of himself and family but as a reward for his faithful services to me.

4th. After the said boundary of land as described set apart for the use of Frederick & family and Neicy & her three children shall no longer be necessary to be held for the use of said families. I desire my Executors to sell it either for cash or on reasonable time and I hereby empower my Executors jointly or either of them separately to make such sale to convey the lands to the purchaser and to receive the proceeds which said precedent will go to the said fund already created for the settlement of the said two families in a free state.

5. I appoint David Patterson of the County of Amherst, Dr. James T Royall, Capt Samuel McCorcle, and Charles L Mosby of the Town of Lynchburg executors of this my last will & testament believing from their knowledge of my wishes and feelings they will faithfully carry out my views as far as circumstances will allow and having free confidence in them, I hereby desire that no security be required of them. Expecting David Patterson mainly to carry out the true intent and meaning of my will I hereby give to him the sum of two thousand dollars in lieu of the ordinary commissions, which sum, with actual necessary expenses is to be regarded as charges of administration under the second clause of this my will.

6. It is also my desire that my two old and faithful slaves Caliph and John who from age and infirmity will be unable to support themselves in a free state be permitted by my Executors to reside upon the boundary of land before set apart for the use of Frederick and Niecy’s families during the natural life of Frederick and if after his death either or both of them should survive, that my executors allot a reasonable sum out of the proceeds of the said sale of the boundary of land for their support and that they give every personal and kind attention to them whilst they live.
In testimony whereof I hereto set my hand and affix my seal to this my last will and testament this 23rd day of February in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and forty eight.
John Warwick (seal)

Signed, sealed, published & declared as the
last will & testament of John Warwick in the presence
of us who are in his presence & in the presence of each other,
have subscribed our names as witnesses.

William Dillard
John P. Wilson
[illegible] Mundy
Henry L Davies

At a Court held for Amherst County on the 20th day of March 1948, a paper purporting to be the last will and testament of John Warwick deceased was produced in Court and proved by the oaths of William Dillard and Henry L. Davies two subscribing witnesses thereto and ordered to be recorded as the last will and testament of John Warwick deceased and therefor David Patterson one of the Executors therein named Came into Court and qualified thereto in due form and entered into and acknowledged a bond in the penalty of $60.000 conditioned according to law which is ordered to be recorded (security being dispensed with in compliance with the Testators request) and probat [sic] is therefore granted him in due form and liberty is reserved to the other Executors therein named to join in the probat thereof if they shall see fit.

Sam M. Garland, Clerk

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Will Book 11, pg 577

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Last Will & Testament




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