1794-Davies to Billy Merchant, et al. - Bedford Co, VA

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1794-Davies to Billy Merchant, et al. - Bedford Co, VA


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James Gatewood Jr., Abraham Vardle, Aaron Dewitt, James Scott, William Finney

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Deed Book I 9 Page 322
Emancipation of Davies’s Negroes
Be it known to all whom it may concern that whereas I Nicholas Davies for am now possessed of divers Slaves whose names are having after mentioned, to whom I am desirous of extending the inestimable blessing of Freedom, preserving what I can give to be my duty and acting in Conformity to an Act of Assembly passed in the year 1782 instituted “an” Act authorizing the Manumission of Slaves have by these presents manumitted, liberated, emancipates and from all shackles of Slavery set-free the following Negroes to wit Billy Merchant and his wife Nany and their children to wit Flores Milly, Nolly, Coclia, Sowes, Bille, Amey, Iris, Betty Matt, Stepney, & Dick (Flories for). Jes and his wife Edtildah and their children to wit, Jememah, Philip, Caleb, Nanuel and Matilda, Likewise Dona;s wife Matilda and her children to wit Lucy, John Eady and Sophia, Likewise Phobe & her children to wit Winney, Sarah, Frank, Stephen, Maria, & Milly, Likewise Sarah and her children to wit Kate, Gabriel, Billy Rachael, Whapping & Judah, Likewise Isaac & Amey his wife & their child Iris, Likewise George, Jacob King, old Pompey, Young Scotland, Titus, Will, Isham and Judah and all the future Increase of the said Negroes. Upon Condition nevertheless that the said slaves and their increase as aforesaid shall well truly and faithfully serve me until I shall depart this Life, and for and in consideration of their said future services above stipulated for and reserved, I hereby bind myself ny heirs executors & Administrators, that the said Billy Merchant & his family shall have One Hundred acre of land after my decrease to be laid off by my Executors which he or they shall enjoy rent free as long as he or they shall choose to continue on may said Land, and furthermore that my Executors, shall immediately after my death deliver to the said Billy Merchant two cows and four Barrels of Corn and good and sufficient clothing for himself and his family for one year also that every other the families above names shall be entitled to have and receive of my Executors the same quantity of land and the other Articles hereby granted to Billy Merchant and his family And I do hereby bind myself my heirs Executors and Administrators firmly by these presents forever to Warrant and defend to the above names Negroes and their Increase as above mentioned, the gain perable and undisturbed enjoyment of Freedom so much to be desired by all mankind. In Witness where of I have here unto set my hand and affixed my seal this fourth day of June in the year of out Lord One Thousand Seven Hundred and Ninety four in the presence of us.
James Gatewood Jun, Abraham Vardle, Aaron Dewitt, James Scott, William Finney [his mark]}
Nicholas Davis {LS}
At a Court held for Bedford County the 23rd day of June 1794 --- This instrument of writing emancipating certain slaves the property of Nicholas Davis was proved by the Oath of Abraham Vandle James Scott & William Finney witnesses whose names are there unto subscribed & ordered to be recorded. Teste
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