1790- Early to Jack, et al.

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1790- Early to Jack, et al.


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Deed Book H 8 Pg 297
Early to Manumission Sundry Slaves
To all to whom these presents may come be it known, that by an Act of the General Assembly of Virginia proposed in May 1782 ~ instituted an Act to authorize the Manumission of Slaves. These persons who are disposed to emancipate their slaves are ~ hereby empowered so to do.
And whereas I Abner Early of Bedford County from ____ obliterate consideration and from the conviction of my own mind being fully persuaded that Freedom is the Natural right of all Mankind and that no law either Moral or divine has given men right to own (?) property in the person of my fellow creatures and having under my Case, Man Woman & Children to wit, Jack of the age of Fifty years or thereabouts Violet of the age of Forty years or thereabouts, Hezziah of the age of Twenty One years or thereabouts, Adam of the age of Sixteen years or thereabouts, Eve of the age of Sixteen years or thereabouts, Pool of the age of the age of fourteen years or thereabouts, Sau (?) of the age of the age of twelve years or thereabouts Ned of the age of ten years or thereabouts, Will of the age of six years or thereabouts, York of the age of two years or thereabouts Peter of the age of six years or thereabouts Nancy of the age of One year or thereabouts, Wanny of the age of eight years or thereabouts, Amy of the age of four years or thereabouts Francis of the age of thirty years or thereabouts Harry of the age of forty five years or thereabouts, Tom of the age of thirty two years or thereabouts, Rachel of the age of seventeen years thereabouts – I do hereby for myself my Heirs Executors, and administrators (Va) relinquish all my right, Title and Claim or partitions of Claim whatsoever to their persons or to any estate they may hereafter acquire – only reasoning to myself the Guardian care of them til they arrive at the age of twenty one years. In Testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand and affixed my seal this twenty eighth day of June in the year of our Lord One thousand seven hundred and ninety and in fourteenth year of the Commonwealth.
Abner Early {seal}
At court held for Bedford County the 28th day o June 1790. This Instrument of writing was acknowledged by Abner Early party thereto and bound to be recorded.
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