1790 - Mitchell to Roger, et al - Botetourt Co, VA

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1790 - Mitchell to Roger, et al - Botetourt Co, VA


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I Edward Mitchell of Botetourt County in Virginia being convinced in my own judgement that it is contrary to the principals of Christianity to hold our Fellow Creatures in bondage or slavery do hereby manumit and set absolutely free the following Negroes to wit a negro man named Roger Rogis about forty three years of age a Negro woman named Elizabeth Rogis, about thirty five years of age and their children namely Thomas, twelve years of age, David, ten year of age, Roger, eight years old, Jack, six years of age, Henry three years old, & William one year old. A Negro man named Samuel Calender about thirty six years of age, a negro woman named Rachel Nelson, about twenty five years of age, & her children namely Juba, about eleven years of age, Jack, nine years of age & Lucy one year old. A Negro boy named Ruben Howard about seventeen years of age, so that the aforesaid negroes & ever of them shall be deemed adjudged and taken for free people that is to say the Negro man Roger Rogis, & Samuel Calender, & the woman named Elizabeth Rogis & Rachel Nelson from this day to be at their own Disposal and at Liberty to act for themselves without the least hindrance or molestation from me my heirs assigus or any person or persons claiming or to claim by from or under me forever.

But believing it to be my duty to reserve the Guardianship and Tuition of the younger ones to myself till they shall respectively arrive at lawful age I do therefore reservce the same over the Negro Boys Thomas, David, Roger, Jack, Henry & William Rogis, Ruben Howard & Jack Nelson, & the girl Lucy Nelson until they (the boys arrive to the age of twenty one) & the girl to the age of eighteen years and as the boy aforenamed Juba Nelson is now bound and intend to have him taught a trade I do therefore reserve to myself the privilege of keeping him until he arrives to the age of twenty five years, and when they arrive at the above mentioned ages to be entirely at their own disposal and I do hereby renounce all right title and claim to the said Negroes both for myself my heirs and assigus forever.
Accordingly hereby testify my desire that the above manumission be recorded in court agreeable to law in confirmation of which I have hereunto set my hand and seal this twelfth day of October seventeen hundred & ninety.

Edwd Mitchell (seal)

At October Botetourt Court 1790 This Instrument of writing was acknowledged in court by the withing named Edward Mitchell and thereupon ordered to be recorded.

Teste, H Bowyer COC

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Deed Book 4, pg 218

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