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1792_Louisa_Howorth to Amey_G_208.jpg
Deed of manumission to Amey and John from John Howorth of Louisa Co, VA

1794_Louisa_Crensha to slaves_G437.jpg
Deed of manumission to Roger, from David Crenshaw of Louisa Co, VA

1794_Louisa_Poindexter to slaves_G_433.jpg

1795_Louisa_Dickason to slaves_book_I_23.jpg


1797_Louisa_Johnson to Watt_book I_351.jpg
Deed of manumission to Watt from Richard Johnson of Louisa Co, VA

1798_Louisa_Clark to Phillis et al_book _I_388.jpg
Deed of manumission to Phillis, Jordan, and Pleasants from John Clark of Louisa Co, VA

1798_Louisa_Hart to Joe Maxwell_book_I_463.jpg
Deed of manumission to John Maxwell from Malcom Hart of Louisa Co, VA

1800_Louisa_Duke to Celia_J_88.jpg
Deed of manumission to Celia and Marry from Betty Duke of Louisa Co, VA

1800_Louisa_Poindexter to Frankey_J_46.jpg
Deed of manumission to Frankey from John Poindexter of Louisa Co, VA
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