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1854_Halifax_Farler to Bob_Will Book 22_392.jpg

1851_Halifax_Nelson to Mary et al_Will Book 23_536.jpg

1850_Halifax_Vaughn to Eleanor et al_Will Book 23_15.jpg

1837_Halifax_Martin to Susannah et al_Will Book 20_1.jpg

1833_Halifax_Clark to Milly_Will Book 17_445.jpg

1830_Halifax_Stevens to Mary_Will Book 15_307-8.jpg

1828_Halifax_Wilson to Julia_Will Book 21_176-7.jpg

1824_Halifax_Ceasar to Mastin Ceasar_Deed Book 33_55.jpg

1822_Halifax_Dixon to Apher_Deed Book 31_162.jpg

1822_Halifax_Leonard to Sam et al_Will Book 12_595.jpg
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