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1848_Charlotte Co_Marshall to Peggy_Deed Book 27 pg113.jpg

1843_Charlotte Co_Wyatt to Faiette_Deed Book 25 pg 2.jpg

1841_Charlotte Co_Armistead to Aggy_Deed Book 24 pg 48.jpg

1834_Charlotte Co_Towler to Polly_Deed Book 21 page 17.jpg

1828_Charlotte Co_Morgan_Will Book 6 pg 133.jpg

1820_Charlotte Co_Harraway_Will Book 5 pg 51.jpg

1806_Charlotte Co_Bouldin to Henry_Deed Book 10 pg 209.jpg

1805_Charlotte Co_Rice_Will Book 2 pg 305.jpg

1804_Charlotte Co_Herndon_Will Book 2 pg 285.jpg

1803_Charlotte Co_Williams_Will Book 2 pg 244.jpg
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